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Abelgier - Various - Top Speed 200mph (CD)

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  1. Uses Cd (coefficient of Drag) and Square Foot Area of your vehicle to calc how much HP would be needed to run a certain speed. This is just the HP necessary to sustain that speed, not what your engine total HP is. I.E. It takes almost HP to be able to run to MPH. So, if your car only makes HP, you won't be able to get to MPH.
  2. The RV is designed to fly well on various versions of the bulletproof six-cylinder Lycoming O engine, developing between and hp. In our prototype, power is provided by a fuel injected hp Lycoming IO When many pilots say "performance", they really mean "speed.".
  3. Aug 17,  · But if you're looking to craft a car that can top mph on the track or Autobahn, things get far trickier. Best CD Rates. which has a top speed rating a bit over mph, and can reach.
  4. Speed Kills MPG Unfortunately, it's true. Your car's gas mileage decreases once it gets past its optimal speed. For most cars, this is around mph. This means that every time you go over this speed, you're essentially wasting gas and money - and creating unnecessary greenhouse gases.
  5. The price of the retail cars, fitted with either a or Hemi engine, was around $4,, and the top speed was practically unbeatable in a production car (contemporary estimates ranged around mph). The first-generation Viper, with its aerodynamic shape, had a cd of over.5; the Plymouth Duster had a cd of ; the mids Eagle.
  6. I wouldn't have the nerve to take my +8 to it's top speed. I would imagine it would be terrifying - it's not what it's designed for. I have seen the other side of mph a couple of times - but the cars were designed to do it. I'm also getting older. I think the nerve departs after a certain age.
  7. Jan 14,  · To get to the coveted mph mark ( kmh) we will need hp. So mph on the speedo is theoretically possible, with a bigass turbo, or a J-kit., you will propably need another 10 or 20 hp to get to real mph, but for the satisfaction of your own soul, hp is the goal.
  8. May 11,  · Going to would limit your top speed to under mph but unless you routinely go that fast, you'd be very happy with s. With slicks and prep, s and the first gear in my is like engaging warp speed.

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