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  1. Pastoral definition is - of, relating to, or composed of shepherds or herdsmen. How to use pastoral in a sentence.
  2. Of, relating to, or being a literary or other artistic work that portrays or evokes rural life, usually in an idealized way. 4. Of or relating to a pastor or the duties of a pastor: pastoral duties; a pastoral .
  3. portraying or suggesting idyllically the life of shepherds or of the country, as a work of literature, art, or music: pastoral poetry; a pastoral symphony.
  4. pastoral definition: 1. used to refer to the part of the work of teachers and priests that involves giving help and. Learn more.
  5. Synonyms & Antonyms of pastoral (Entry 1 of 2) 1 of, relating to, associated with, or typical of open areas with few buildings or people painted a pastoral scene of a flower-filled meadow.
  6. The pastoral interest is the pioneer interest of a new colony. It was a scene of quiet, pastoral beauty that now met our eyes. How sweet and pastoral are these cool resting-places in the heart of the Vosges! And you content to live here, too, leading this simple, pastoral life!
  7. Pastoral literature, class of literature that presents the society of shepherds as free from the complexity and corruption of city life. Many of the idylls written in its name are far remote from the realities of any life, rustic or urban.
  8. Sep 15,  · The pastoral duties of a priest or other religious leader involve looking after the people he or she has responsibility for, especially by helping them with their personal pastoral care of the sick. Many churches provide excellent pastoral counselling. 2. adjective [ADJECTIVE noun].
  9. Welcome to Pastoral Located in the historic Fort Point neighborhood of Boston. Pastoral serves wood-fired Neapolitan ARTisanal pizzas and handcrafted pastas as well as many other southern Italian inspired dishes. Pastoral offers an exclusive Italian wine list, curated beers on tap and an assortment of craft cocktails.

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