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  1. suffocation [suf″ŏ-ka´shun] the stoppage of breathing; called also asphyxiation. If it is complete (no air at all reaches the lungs), the lack of oxygen and excess of carbon dioxide in the blood will cause almost immediate loss of consciousness. Though the heart continues to beat briefly, death will follow in a matter of minutes unless emergency.
  2. Suffocation | The Official Suffocation Site. Suffocation is an American death metal band that was formed in in Centereach, Long Island, New York.
  3. Define suffocation. suffocation synonyms, suffocation pronunciation, suffocation translation, English dictionary definition of suffocation. v. suf·fo·cat·ed, suf·fo·cat·ing, suf·fo·cates v. tr. 1. To kill or destroy by preventing access of air or oxygen. 2. To impair the breathing of or cause.
  4. Suffocation are widely recognized major innovators of death metal. They had a massive influence on the genre and pioneered the balance between brutal and technical sounds commonly heard .
  5. Suffocate definition, to kill by preventing the access of air to the blood through the lungs or analogous organs, as gills; strangle. See more.
  6. suffocation definition: 1. death caused by not having enough oxygen, or the act of killing someone by not allowing them to. Learn more.
  7. Ripped directly from the original CD. The best quality in Youtube! Now go buy it yourself, Stupid Mothafucker!! 1. Liege of Inveracity 2. Effigy of the.
  8. Dec 26,  · suffocation (countable and uncountable, plural suffocations) (uncountable) Asphyxia—a condition in which an extreme decrease in the concentration of oxygen in the body accompanied by an increase in the concentration of carbon dioxide leads to loss of consciousness or death. A child left unattended may die of suffocation.
  9. Suffocation biography By Chris Dick. A good four years separate rager Pinnacle of Bedlam from new killer Of the Dark Light. But it wasn’t always like this. Back in the ‘90s, Suffocation maniacs waited, at most, two years between old and new fixes of New York-styled brutality.

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